Cleanings & Checkups

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Preventive Dental Care is essential for everyone, but especially for children. Preventive care is crucial for a disease-free mouth and a sparkling smile. Good preventive care includes daily care, proper diet and regularly scheduled teeth cleanings and exams to maintain your oral health.
You will love the feeling of your clean mouth and teeth after a thorough and gentle cleaning by our friendly and professional hygienists. We use ultrasonic technology to comfortably vibrate plaque and tartar from your teeth. We complete the cleaning procedure with a thorough polishing to achieve your brightest smile. We may use a prophy jet polish with a baking soda spray to remove stubborn stains.
Your visit will also include necessary X-rays, blood pressure check and a complete oral exam by Dr. Watkins including inspection of the teeth and surrounding soft tissue. The doctor will check for any abnormalities, oral cancer and internal/external tooth damage.
We’ll help you determine the most effective home care techniques and instruments for maintaining your oral health. Early recognition and intervention leads to less invasive and more affordable treatment.